General Service

Cleaning Accounts Include:

A technician will come to your home each week and provide the following:

1. Water chemistry test checking all seven vital areas to pool maintenance, and adding appropriate chemicals as needed.

2. Clean all baskets

3. Remove all debris from pool

4. Skim pool bottom and surface

5. Vacuum pool when necessary

6. Inspect all equipment to ensure proper operation

7. Brush pool tile, walls and floors

8. Shock pool and other chemical treatments when necessary ( charges my apply )

During severe weather  swimming pools may become heavily polluted with yard debris, home debris, and other items. This situation may not be considered normal weekly service, and an additional charge may be required. Since we are only at your home one time per week, please monitor water levels to ensure that no damage is done to your pump.

Every attempt will be made to have your pool serviced on the same day each week, however, holidays, inclimate weather, or other issues may result in your service day being modified.

Holiday Closings:

 Pool service rate calculations are based on a four week month. There are four months in a year that have five weeks that are currently not charged. In lieu of performing rate adjustments for those four weeks Reef Pool Company LLC will be closed during the weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years.

Payment information:

All accounts are billed on the 15th of each month. Payment is due on the 1st. There will be a $15.00 late fee charge for late payments over 30 days. There will be a $35.00 charge for any NSF checks received.

Thank you and please be safe around water.

From a clogged up mess to a sparkling oasis!